Our purpose is to dignify our inherent, natural African beauty, and empower our customers to do the same.

We manufacture honest and trustworthy products that enable our customers to love and care for their natural hair. We share positive, educational information that dispels the historical myths of African beauty standards and empowers our community to embrace all expressions of their natural beauty – both inside and out.

YOU are worthy, and you have the power to define your own beauty.

Together with our customers, we want to re-imagine our natural beauty, beyond what has traditionally been defined as “beautiful” on our behalf. We are here to learn alongside you and dispel the myths of what natural hair should be.
As a family of three generations of women, we have been on a 6-year journey to find the best ways to take care of our natural hair. Through this process, we have learnt how to develop products that deliver reliable results and we are committed to sharing these with you on your natural hair journey.

We not only provide hair care products, but we also want to inspire you to embrace your inner and outer beauty, so that you can wear your natural hair with ultimate confidence!

Our Journey

As a mother of two girls who are now in their teens when I turned 40 I cut my hair short because I wanted to teach my girls that beauty does not only come from long hair but short natural hair is also beautiful. For three years I found the texturizer lotion that help me accentuate my curls and all I had to do was put this chemical based lotion in my hair every year and daily routine was wash or wet hair and then put on a curl activator. This is my picture in 2015 and this is how my hair was maintained for 5 years. I loved it.

This is my picture in 2013 and this is how my hair was maintained for 5 years. I loved it.

In 2016, I wanted to grow my hair naturally not with any chemicals so in the beginning of 2018, I made a conscious decision to grow my hair and to try all natural ingredients and learned to care for my hair. The results were amazing. At the end of 2017, my hair looked like this and by the end of 2018 it had grown. During this time I cooked hair oils and lotions in my kitchen and I even taught my helper to make things like rice water.

In 2019 I then asked my girls to join me in this journey and if they can allow me to test some of the ingredients and the care procedures on their hair and what we learned was amazing. We realized that our hair types are different even though we come from the same family and that we each need to appreciate who we are. In the beginning of 2019, the girls’ hair look like this and by the end of the year, this is what it looked like. We have also had some no great results, but we use those to learn.

We have also then developed products and this was out of desperation of not finding products that work on our hair properly and those available we had to order overseas. We are also grateful that more American products have been brought to SA and this has helped as well.
So please shop, comment and share your tips. Futuristically we would like you to attend our events and be part of this movement.

Our Products

Our products endeavor to include natural products we have tried in our kitchen including things like rice, ginger, garlic and other leaves. We have also made every effort to make some our products sulphate free. All our products are tested on us and a close testing community before they are launched. You can click here to read all about our products and to shop.

Our Hair Care Procedures

We endeavor to reduce breakage by using fingers for detangling and only introduce the comb when we have conditioner in our hair. We also pride ourselves as a “No Tears” hair salon irrespective of the age and the hair type.

Shop and Delivery

We have made every effort to keep our products and hair care costs competitive. We deliver twice a week Tuesdays and Fridays in the Gauteng area. Should you require delivery outside of Gauteng we will make special arrangements and agree on delivery costs. So chat to us or call us.

Our clients

As we have travelled a journey, we help our clients to track their natural hair journey as well. We provide personalized service and remember each person is unique. And our hairtypes are different. We recommend specific products and routine depending on the hair texture, client preference (self-manage or manage for me), clients budget and clients personal look.