Winter Hair Tips

Winter Hair Tips – 6. Restore your hair line and build volume in your hair

Restore your hair line and build volume in your hair:

  1. To restore our natural hair, the best strategy is to leave our hair alone with no styles in winter.
  2. Just wash your hair twice a month using our 2in1 shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Do hot oil treatment on the same day as wash day using our scalp and hair oil treatment.
  4. Then daily keep the hair covered in and outside the house, make sure the covering does not touch your hairline.
  5. Every other day apply the shine lotion and then the scalp and hair oil to keep the hair ends and hair strands moistuired.
  6. Then just use your hands to style your hair.
  7. Do not comb your hair, only comb on wash day when your hair has hair conditioner in it.

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